Discover ERCASConnect

ERCASConnect - Step Up To ERCAS' Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment

ERCASConnect allows you to present your customers with a secure, easy-to-use online site for viewing and paying their bills. ERCAS does all the work, setting up a hosted, branded site for your company. Your customers have a full complement of features to view, manage and pay their bills. The result…Happy, loyal customers and unmatched efficiencies for you.

Tasks Supported by ERCASConnect:

  • Electronic Bills – Bills look identical to paper bills, are easy to print, and easy to save.

  • Payment Options – ERCAS makes it easy for your customers to pay by Debit or Credit Card

  • Instant eBill Access – With EBPP your customers have immediate access to current bills and past bills.

  • Easy Access to Bills – Whether using a computer or mobile phone, your customers can view and pay their bills.

  • Multiple Account Convenience – If your customers have multiple accounts with you they can easily link them together for the ultimate in convenience.

  • CSR Integration - Your customer service representatives can track in real time payment activity.