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Electronic Collections and Payments Administrative Systems

ERCAS™ combines state-of-the-art technology with extensive research of customer-service experience to give clients the latest collection and payment services available to succeed in a highly competitive marketplace. ERCAS™ continually strives for excellence through superior technology and industry expertise.

This service is basically comprised of 2 distinct systems;

Every business or industry has its own unique needs and challenges. ERCAS™ allows businesses to implement payment solutions that meets the needs of your billing, payments and receivables environment with the assistance of our payment advisor who knows your business.

Reconciliation and Recovery Consultancy Services

We also provide customized Collections Reconcilations and Recovery Consultancy Services. Here, our team of financial experts apply their wealth of experience in Banking, Debt Recovery, Auditing and Financial Analysis to sit out with your team in solving related business challenges in your organization.