ERCAS Collection Services

ERCAS Collection System

ERCAS Collection System is comprised of products for all kinds of bill payments and prepaid operations. The product integrates with the prepaid and billing system and communicates with different payment channels enabling the company to improve the prepaid sales and payment collection processes. ERCASPay, ERCASCentral, ERCASPOS, ERCASMobile, ERCAS-USSD and ERCASEBPP are some of our products relating to ERCAS Collection Services.

ERCAS Collection system is specialized for all company types ranging through healthcare, utilities, educational, hospitality, and retail businesses, amongst many others.

Key Benefits of ERCAS Collection System:

  • High performance even under heavy transaction traffic in online collection channels
  • Scalability according to corporate requirements
  • Easy integration with existing corporate applications, billing systems and payment channels
  • Customized reports specific to corporate needs in addition to Standard reports
  • Modular application architecture that enables the addition of new functions
  • Support from a single centre for all customers, billers and merchants
  • Flexible configuration regarding system access rights
  • Data protection and security management
  • Reliable hardware and net infrastructure service 24/7.